Robin BaronPresident/CEO at Robin Baron Design

I am thrilled to write a recommendation for Vlad and his company VECTRA Construction! I have known and worked with Vlad for over 8 years. As a professional Interior Designer with a large percentage of projects that include construction, I am happy to say that I have recommended and hired him for many of my client's projects over these years. The scope of these projects have included everything from minor to major renovation. In each case, the workmanship has been outstanding...he has a great attitude and is very easy to work with...he is extremely committed to each and every job and client...and I have experienced time and time again that his motto of "no job is finished until the client says so" is indeed, true!

I know first-hand that he lives by this motto, as Vlad has completed large projects...full scale renovations of several townhouses...for me personally. He has made each and every one of these experiences incredibly positive...not an easy feat! The quality of his work, the unusually quick turnaround time for completion of each project, his respect for the client's budget...his ability to "think out of the box" to find solutions to the inevitable surprises that occur along the way...all speak to the level of commitment and passion he has for his work.

Vlad takes his work and his relationships seriously and has built an excellent team around him. From his own staff, to his subcontractors, you can be assured that his work will surpass your expectations. Vlad aims to please...and I can wholeheartedly, and from much experience, say that he succeeds!

Vlad is one of the unusual finds...a one of a kind...in every way!

Gary GoldensteinOwner, Mixed-Up Mosaics

"Being in a construction related industry I have heard many stories regarding the difficulties in residential renovation projects in NYC. Vlad made these issues disappear and has done a great job on my apartment combination/renovation project.

From my introduction by a noted interior designer I have been very happy with the professionalism, craftsmanship, and speed of Vlad and his crew. His experience in all facets of the project made planning simple and his pricing was very fair and reasonable.

Demolition work was done quickly, efficiently, and with a minimum of dust. We lived in the apartment during the entire process while being isolated from the mayhem by a thin plastic liner wall with a simple zipper for access to the living area- never losing access or power through the entire 8 week process. On one occasion I returned home to check on demolition work and walked in to find one of his crew members running a reciprocating saw through a wall while another worker followed the cutting blade with a wet vac simply to keep the dust level at a minimum- that says it all- a true sign of someone that cares about their client.

He coordinated well with other trades and made a good relationship with the Super of my building (very important). Replacing two fuseboxes and upgrading electric was no problem. Cabinetry design was easy. Plumbing and ventilation ran tight and perfect. Starting on the finishing work now. Looking forward to seeing decorative moldings, closet shelving, skim coat and paint.

If you are looking to do residential work in NYC then I would feel very confident recommending Vlad for your project. Will be posting before/after pictures shortly. If you have any questions about working with Vlad then send me a message." Service Category: General Contractor

Dwayne ClarkManaging Partner Clark Gaynor Interiors

I have worked with Vlad in specifying his contracting company for my firm and for our clients now for a few years in Manhattan. At every turn he has exceeded our expectations. It is not enough for his team to give ordinary quality and service. His service and products are above average and I am proud to have him as a part of my team. We look to continue having an amazing relationship for years to come.

Elissa GrayerOwner and Principal Designer at Elissa Grayer Interior Design

Vlad is an intelligent, highly competent contractor and a joy to work with. He closely manages his subs, and solves problems on the job with them, instead of bringing work to a halt, or worse, doing something wrong just to get it done.

He always delivers what he promises, on time, or ahead of schedule. He understands the world of high end NYC construction and consistently produces beautiful interiors!

Jamie GibbsASID, IFDA,WCAALA, Jamie Gibbs and Associates

I have used Vlad on numerous high-end residential remodels and am always thrilled with his work, the results, and his professionalism. He also has a great way with my clients.

Dejan JaksicInterior Architect, Construction Manager

As an interior architect, I can't recommend Vlad highly enough for any type of interior construction work you would need. With almost two decades of highly professional work done in New York City, he is a true veteran. His abilities to solve complex everyday construction problems and to always deliver on time with supreme quality and craftsmanship are extremely valuable and rare.

He gets intimately involved in every single project and really cares about the client and his/her needs. He has behind him a team of highly capable workers and subs, able to deal with most challenging projects. Vlad is a true professional and a pleasure to work with. He has my highest recommendation!

Robin GuttermanSVP Douglas Elliman and Re-order Co-Founder and Vice President, Mappetite, Inc.

I am happy to recommend Vlad as a top GC in the city. I have hired Vlad for my personal renovation projects in my own home, and as a real estate agent, I have recommended him to clients as well. I can say without hesitation that Vlad's work is of top quality, he is extremely reliable and thorough, his team is personable, has a strong work ethic and eager to please on all levels. I can also count on Vlad's creative skills to help out with design choices, and make suggestions that are both practical and stylish and modern. Contact me if you need additional information.

Danica Cordell-ReehAssociate Real Estate Broker at Halstead Property LLC

  1. A General Contractor who has the project come in a head of schedule and within budget. YES
  2. His workers, your neighbors stop you to praise their thoughtfulness, cleanliness and quietness. YES
  3. Communicate your concern about the project, and he answers with facts, promptly. YES
  4. Coordinates with subcontractors seamlessly.YES

Vlad Tomasevic of VECTRA Construction, my general contractor, is the person for you and your renovation.

My project in a New York City coop, entailed reconfiguring the space, new electrical, new mechanical, new floors, complete leveling and refinishing of the plaster walls and the reconstruction of the old plaster ceiling design elements. The building has a strict limit on the projects duration and my neighbors worked from home. A situation that was handled under his direction professionally, with integrity and stress free.

The final touches on my new home are done and I am enjoying it.

Michael WillnerCEO at Penthera Partners

Vlad was the GC in a major renovation of our apartment. He is professional, skilled, completely trustworthy and flexible. I wouldn't even seek bids from competitors in the future.Vlad will be my go-to guy for any construction work I ever need in the future.

Gretchen BeidlOwner, The Wallypop Factory

When we renovated our new apartment, Vlad and his team were the best part of the process. There are so many horror stories about contractors, but Vlad is different. He went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure we were happy with every detail. He is a perfectionist with the highest of standards. I would recommend him highly to anyone for any level job.

He is the best!

Ellen and Tom Gatti235 East 49th street NYC

My husband and I recently had the pleasure of working with Vlad and his team, from VECTRA Construction, on some renovations and updates to a new apartment we recently purchased on 49th Street. Christine Morgan was the broker who handled the sale and her expertise, patience and professionalism helped us through some trying times. She was the one who recommended Vlad and told us he would take very good care of us. She was right. We highly recommend Vlad and his team: They were efficient, timely, polite, creative and tireless. Even though it didn't seem to be a very big job at the beginning, there were some unforeseen complications and delays, but everything was taken in stride. From the mess created by the air conditioning people (outside contractor) to the discontinuance and delay with the stone for the counter tops, we felt that Vlad and his team had everything in control. Vlad is no-nonsense and serious about his work, but we could appreciate his attention to detail in following through on each item of the contract. In short, we were extremely pleased with all their work and the apartment looks better than we hoped to imagine. We would be happy for you to use us as a personal reference for any future work and we would definitely call them in the future for anything else that might come up. Sincerely,

Tom & Ellen Gatti

Andrew Nagel522 West End Avenue NYC

My Little place looks amazing! Vlad has done an amazing job executing and communicating.


Our reputation is built on the successful completion of each project. We work closely with owners, Architects, Real estate brokers Interior Designers, Owners Representatives, Building Managers and Co-op Boards.


“ I have worked with Vlad in specifying his contracting company for my firm and for our clients now for a few years in Manhattan. At every turn he has exceeded our expectations. It is not enough for his team to give ordinary quality and service. His service and products are above average and I am proud to have him as a part of my team. We look to continue having an amazing relationship for years to come. ”

-DWAYNE CLARK (Managing Partner Clark Gaynor Interiors)




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